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Aircraft losses

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The 445th Bomb Group originally departed the United States with 63 assigned B-24H model aircraft.  One plane was lost enroute about 100 miles south of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean Sea.  The remaining 62 aircraft successfully arrived in England, where they went into the depot for theater modifications before some of them proceeded on to Tibenham.  Some planes were diverted to other bomb groups to replace losses.

Over the course of the next seventeen months, the 445th would lose aircraft and crews to combat, accidents and would have aircraft transferred to other bomb groups as the situation required.  The 445th was on the receiving end of some of those aircraft re-distributions as a result of losses during "Big Week" (20-27 Feb 1944) and the disaster at Kassel on 27 Sept 44 when the group was almost wiped out.

The following table indicates those aircraft losses that did not result in a Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) but that had an accident investigation conducted to determine the reason for the wreck and determine what training revisions needed to be made to prevent this from happening again.
Date of Loss
Tail Number
1st Pilot
Report On File
Findings of the Investigation

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