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Mission Summaries
Some terminology used in the mission descriptions:
  1. Acft T/O - Number of aircraft that took off for the day's mission
  2. Aborts - Number of aircraft that returned to base (mechanical or medical reasons - no sortie credit)
  3. Over Pri - Number of aircraft over the primary target
  4. Over SecNumber of aircraft over the secondary target
  5. Over L/R - Number of aircraft over the Target of Opportunity or Last Resort (any target of military value)
  6. 210x500lb GP - The total bomb load for the mission consisted of 210 five hundred pound General Purpose (high explosive) bombs.
  7. 100lb/500lb IB - These are incendary bundles used to start fires once the high explosive bombs have broken up the building.
  8. 120lb FB - These are 120 pound fragmentation bombs, usually found in bundles of 3 or more bombs wired together.
  9. Scoring:
    1. Unobserved - Bombing results were not seen from the air; no photos taken (usually because of cloud/smoke cover)
    2. Poor - More than 50% of bombs outside the CEP curve (2,000 ft radius from aiming point).
    3. Fair - 100% of bombs within 2,000 ft of the aiming point
    4. Good - 100% of bombs within 1,000 ft of the aiming point
    5. Excellent - 100% of bombs within 1,000 ft of the aiming point with 50% or more within 500 ft.
  10. Losses - Number of planes lost on the current mission.  Losses over enemy territory would generate a Missing Air Crew Report (MACR).
Msn #DateTargetDescriptionBomb LoadT/OAbortPriSecL/RScoringLost
Kiel, Germany
Submarine Pens
500# IB

212/16Bremen, GermanyPort Area

312/20Bremen, Germany
Port Area

Osnabrück, Germany
Railroad M/Y




Missions flown in 1944



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