Oct 44 - 445BG

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Oct 44

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October, 1944 was a time of rebuilding the 445th Bomb Group after the disaster at Kassel.  New crews and aircraft were sent to Tibenham from the other groups of the 2nd Air Division.  The Group suffered several casualties among crew members on operational missions, but the only loss for the month came on a training mission on a stand-down day.  On Oct 31st, thirty B-24's took to the air on a routine formation practice mission.  When they had assembled, only 29 planes showed up - one was never heard from again.  Other pilots reported icing conditions as they climbed out through the overcast skies, and it's suspected that icing caused the plane to stall and spin into the water so quickly, there wasn't time to make a mayday call.



Tail Number




31 Oct 44


1st Lt Edward J. Speers

Unknown, probably icing; 8 MIA

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