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Jan 44

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The 445th Bomb Group's now been blooded.  They have 'seen the elephant and been forever changed'.  Now they will get down to the serious business of the destruction of Germany's industrial capability.  Due to terrible weather either over the Continent or their home base, only 8 missions were flown and three aircraft lost.

One loss was due to the 389th Command Pilot (leading the 2nd Bomb Wing) deviated from the planned return route and took a much longer route for reasons unknown (his plane was shot down by fighters).  When the 445th plane ran out of fuel and crashed, one crew member was unaccounted for and a Missing Air Crew Report was created.  Several days later, his remains were found during salvage operations on the crash site.



Tail Number




05 Jan 44


2nd Lt Victor L. Smith

Shot down by fighters; 6 KIA, 4 POW


07 Jan 44


2nd Lt Lester I. Eike

Ran out of fuel on return, 1 MIA, 8 RTD


30 Jan 44


2nd Lt Thomas B. Conner Jr

Mechanical, shot down by fighters; 10 KIA

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